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Faq Customers

What is KPI Online?

KPI Online provides you with instant access to the data you need to run your business and make smart decisions while eliminating the time wasted creating reports or managing spreadsheets. We have packaged a powerful analytics software as an online service for small business that easily plugs their accounting or ERP system and all its data into a dashboard creation engine. These dashboards can be used to compare, measure and dive into the details of the information that matters to you.

Why should I subscribe to KPI Online?

  • We allow you to see your data in a way that’s meaningful to you instead of trying to build and understand spreadsheets and reports
  • We provide you with a single version of the truth by giving you direct access to the data that’s in your system, instead of data that’s gone through many human hands to “massage” the numbers
  • We work at the speed of business because we give you instant access to your data, instead of data that’s old and stale due to accounting cycles, or because of the hours it takes to build some of the more complex spreadsheet-based reports
  • We empower executives, management, and other non-technical users to view and create their own reports instead of having to rely on an IT person to create a report whenever he gets around to it
  • You don’t have to allocate a capital budget item to sign-up, as it’s free to try out and costs as much as a daily latte or cappuccino once you subscribe. There’s no hardware or software to maintain because we host it and deliver it as a web service

How do I sign up for KPI Online?

Sign-up for the 7-day free trial, export your data, upload it to our data center, and start viewing your data in visually appealing management dashboards! After our 7-day free trial you can become a subscriber for a no-contract, low monthly fee. There is no risk involved. You can cancel at any time, although we believe you’ll be with us for a long time.

Who’s an ideal user of KPI Online?

KPI Online is ideal for:

  • Small and mid-sized companies who run their company with Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, or other accounting or ERP systems, but find it hard or very time-consuming to create management reports with spreadsheets using data from these systems.
  • Small and mid-sized wholesale distribution companies in the food, industrial, chemical, clothing markets
  • Fast-growing smaller companies who need a robust BI solution like a Business Objects or Cognos, but don’t have the budget, resources or time to implement these enterprise-oriented applications
  • Services or consulting companies who have trouble determining if their projects are profitable and if they are allocating resources efficiently.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the level you subscribe to, our subscriptions start at less than $100 per month per user. The more users you have, the lower the average cost per user.

What do I get with the free trial?

You get access to a fully-functioning version of KPI Online, with no limitations in data uploads or functionality.

How does KPI Online work?

Using our SaaS ETL Engine to connect directly to the most popular accounting or ERP systems to automatically extract your data, or using our spreadsheet templates, you load your data into our secure data center where we encrypt it and populate our reporting engine so you can view your data in several pre-configured visual dashboards that provide you with views into various aspects of your business, such as inventory, sales, expenses, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more.

What ERP or accounting systems do you support?

Here’s a list of our connectors that are part of our SaaS ET Engine.

What do I get with my subscription?

KPI Online provides you with:

  • A completely web hosted business intelligence application that provides you with a way to instantly view and analyze your most important business data
  • An easy way to get your data out of your accounting or ERP system via a spreadsheet template or an automated connector called the SaaS ETL engine
  • Pre-configured dashboards that provide you with different views and measures of your business
  • Pre-built analytical models oriented towards your needs or industry
  • An online community with training videos, written tutorials, educational articles, blog posts, and a forum to share with and learn from others

How can the KPI Online Community help me?

KPI Online is a company that was born in the middle of the Social Media revolution, and as such as we believe in the openness, collaboration and educational content popularized by Social Media. The KPI Online Community is a place where customers, software developers, business consultants and academics can create content, learn from each other, share ideas and establish relationships. It’s also a marketplace where you can buy and sell vertical analytical models to use KPI Online’s powerful analytical engine for your industry.

What type of applications are available with a KPI Online Subscription?

Will my data be secure?

We are 100% committed to respecting the privacy of the data you upload to our data center for your confidential business use. If for any reason you decide to cancel your agreement with us we will complete erase your data from our servers. Additionally we outsource our data center operations to Amazon Web Services, the most popular hosting provider for the most important software as a service applications. Finally, we adhere to the latest encryption and data security standards in our data upload process.

Do you provide training?

We provide you with a fully automated video training series, and provide live support personnel to help you if you need to talk to a real human.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide live support via chat and phone, as well as a knowledge base of topics, functional FAQs, videos, and a community forum.

FAQ Partners

How do I become a KPI Online partner?

Contact one of our partner managers at 888-820-7776, or email, and sign our partnership agreement. There are no fees to become a partner, just benefits. We also provide you with assistance to help you market to your current installed base or attract new customers. We provide you with help via our online community, with automated training videos, tutorials, blog posts, and a forum to share ideas with others. Finally, you can gain access to a development environment to build connectors to your business software of choice or build vertical solutions for the industry in which you have an expertise.

What type of companies make ideal partners?

  • ERP or Accounting software publishers who’d like to extend the functionality they offer their current clients and offer more value and build connectors to their systems for automated integration with KPI Online
  • System integrators and resellers hoping to expand their account base and provide value to their current clients
  • Software developers who would like to create vertical solutions with KPI Online, or connectors to other accounting or ERP systems
  • Business consultants who need to offer tools to help their customers increase profitability, improve sales, and become more efficient

What kind of marketing help do I get as a KPI Online partner?

KPI Online works directly with our reseller, consulting and development customers to provide a 12-month marketing plan so you can hit the floor running with KPI Online