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Why KPI Online?

If you’re a company that manages inventory, such as a food or clothing wholesaler, or a consulting company such as a CPA or law firm, you need a better way to view the data locked away in your accounting system so you can improve profitability, increase revenues and decrease costs. You need to be able to find hidden opportunities or undiscovered problems. And, if you’re a software reseller, developer or business consultant, you need to help your customers get access to their data in a meaningful and painless way. Read below to find out why KPI Online and how it fits into different scenarios:

The Case for KPI Online

Read here to find out about the challenges small businesses face on a daily basis when trying to manage their company with spreadsheets, and what KPI Online offers to help small and mid-size businesses overcome these challenges and become highly successful companies.

The Benefits 0f Using KPI Online

Read here to find out how KPI Online can provide you with instant intelligence and a single version of the truth about your company, and how easy and risk-free it is to use.

ERP or Accounting Systems We Support

Read here to find out what ERP or accounting systems we have direct connections to.


For everything you wanted to know about KPI Online but were afraid to ask, click here for our FAQ.