We recognize that in order to fully provide value to the small and mid-size business market, we need to partner with the services providers that have direct daily contact with these companies.

As a result, KPI Online is committed to building a successful partner channel with the goal of driving 90% or more of our revenue through our partner network. Click below on the option that best fits your profile:

Software resellers

Companies that sell accounting and ERP systems, or industry specific solutions to small and mid-size businesses.

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Click Here for a list of accounting and ERP systems that are currently supported by KPI Online.

Software developers

ERP or accounting software publishers, systems integrators, or custom software developers specializing in any number of ERP or accounting systems.
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Business consultants or companies that sell to the SMB market

Management consultants, business consultants, financial consultants, or companies that provide complementary, non-competitive services to the small business market.
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Benefits & Requirements for KPI Online Resellers