The Case of KPI Online

Ever wonder why it is so hard to use your accounting system to manage your business?

Accounting systems, even the most expensive and comprehensive ones, are not designed to be a management tool. They are designed to gather numbers and be able to report them back in a generally accepted manner to show you the overall status of the business. Of course the data you need to see how key areas are performing is in the system – and that is what is so frustrating. Getting it out in a usable, timely way generally requires custom reporting or downloading data and then manipulating it in a spreadsheet.

What if there were an easy way to get the information you need to make smarter decisions?

Everyone can use a spreadsheet, but that is part of the problem. There is little ability to audit that data and it is stale as soon as it is exported from the financial system. Comparisons to other periods can also be a chore. KPI Online, with its integration to most popular financial and accounting systems, provides instant access to information in an easy to use online dashboard. You choose the measures that are important to you. You choose the comparison data and then you can choose to drill down into more detail as you want to get smarter about the underlying factors.

KPI Online is here to help.

We understand that you have invested a lot in your current business systems. You have spent your funds for software and hardware. You have trained the staff how to use the products and you probably have written a lot of custom reports. That’s why with KPI Online there is nothing to buy in order to try us out. For 7 days, you can dive into your data as much as you want. And after that, we are extremely affordable at less than one hundred dollars per user, per month. Our software runs as a service, so there is no new software you have load or configure at your site or on your network. And if you have one of more popular financial packages – Quickbooks, Dynamics NAV or AX, SAP Business One – we have an integration ready to go. All you need to do is download it and follow the steps to extract data. KPI Online does the rest. Even if you don’t have one of those software packages, we still make it easy to get the data to your dashboard via a spreadsheet. KPI Online comes with pre-built dashboards that show you the most common measures for a company. And you can easily create new measures that are important for you.

Our community can help too

We also provide access to a community of experts, many of which have created models and dashboards for specific business types and industries, so no matter how specific your business needs are, there is likely help to make managing it easier. So in summary: There is nothing to buy to try it out. We have numerous learning videos available to get you started and keep you going. Your data is secure and available just for you to work with 24×7. KPI Online will help set you on the path to more enlightened decision making. As one customer has said, “I can get 50 points of information about my business from KPI Online in the same amount of time it takes to run three reports from my accounting system. Or said differently, KPI Online – Instant Business Intelligence for the intelligent business person.