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You can’t improve what can’t be measured. As a result, KPI Online has introduced our Strategic Planning module to guide companies along the path to set strategic goals, build the plans to carry out these goals, and measure ongoing progress.

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Make Sure Your Strategic Plans Are Successful

Fact: 30% - 80% of Strategic Plans Fail. How can you make sure yours won’t be one of these statistics?

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have ambitious dreams for their companies. In order to keep their dreams on track, they embark on an interesting exercise called Strategic Planning. But according to various research reports, between 30% and 80% of strategic plans fail. How can you make sure your plans won’t end up on the trash heap of corporate history?

KPI Online’s Strategic Planning module, delivered as an online service, is the answer.

Features of Strategic Planning & Execution

Balanced Scorecard Methodology, the most widely accepted industry-standard strategic planning methodology. Combined with KPI Online’s analytical dashboards, helps you make more effective decisions.

Strategic Maps, a visual metaphor to help a company identify the path to their goals

Objectives, allows you to assign departmental objectives as well as individual targets per executive.

Dashboards allows you to analyze and track the progress your company and individual executives are making towards corporate strategic goals.

Performance Management Profiles, allows executives to establish the means and proper tracking of individual tasks by individual managers and employees.

How it Works

• Enter data into a pre-formatted spreadsheet
• Upload t spreadsheet tot e hosted Strategic Planning solution
• Assign goals and tasks to individual managers and employees
• Track progress towards your goals using the dashboards and the Performance Management tool