Benefits of using KPI Online

Instant Insight into your key business metrics

KPI Online provides you with the tools to instantly and directly access the key information you need to make decisions in a timeframe to actually make a difference to the performance of your company, instead of when it’s too late. Most companies rely on spreadsheets to build reports using data exported from their accounting systems or ERP systems, but because of accounting cycles the data is usually out-of-date by the time you get the report.

A view to a single version of the truth

You probably have analysts, account executives, assistants or accounting people creating your reports using spreadsheets. However, human error is often a factor, and the desire to put a positive “spin” on the numbers is always a temptation. How do you know you’re getting accurate data that truly reflects what’s going on in your business? With KPI Online you have direct access to the data stored in your accounting or ERP system, so you know the reports and dashboards that you’re getting are a true reflection of what’s really going on in your business.

No risk – Just reward

The expensive licensing fees, exorbitant implementation costs and projects that always seem to run over-time and over-budget, have kept many small businesses from implementing business intelligence solutions. With KPI Online there is no risk involved, since the software is delivered as a secure online service. Because we host the application ourselves in our secure data center, there is no software to install, no expensive licensing fees, maintenance fees or computer hardware to purchase. Finally, your data is secure because we have implemented the highest security standards and are backed up by our hosting partner Amazon Web Services’ seal of security.

Okay, so I’m interested, How do I start

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