Build Analytical Applications & Connectors

The KPI Online Development Environment  provides you with an easy-to-use development environment to build your own analytical applications and data connectors to share with our community and expand your revenue stream

Pricing per user $195 /mo.




Create & Share Analytical Applications with our Community

Ideal For

• Software publishers that sell ERP or accounting systems
• Systems integrators who implement business solutions for small and mid-sized companies,
• Custom Developers

Stop Building Custom Reports

• Reduce requests to build custom report
• Eliminate # 1 source of complaints: how long it takes to build custom reports

Design Business Intelligence Applications & Connectors

• Design vertical industry apps
• Design horizontal apps
• Create connectors to your ERP or accounting system

Participate in our Community

• Create applications & connectors and sell them on our community
• Gain exposure to customers outside your normal account base
• Gain exposure b y sharing applications, content and advice in our forums and blog